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The Charlie Browniest Christmas

Disclaimer: For those of you who adore Christmas—FOUR CANDYCANES FOR YOU, GLEN COCO, YOU GO GLEN COCO. This one’s more for the Gretchen Wieners of the world.   Lately, I’ve developed this fantasy that Hallmark will throw in a horror plot twist.  Like the goofy, kid-and-dog-loving guy ends up being a serial killer.  Or even… Continue reading The Charlie Browniest Christmas


7 Kids Movies that were Actually Scarring

Why do I turn the channel any time there’s a ventriloquist on America’s Got Talent?  Why can’t I go on tunneled boat rides?  Why do I duck down behind furniture so the meter reader knocking at my door can’t see me and I won’t have to let him in? BECAUSE CHILDREN’S MOVIES HAVE SCARRED ME… Continue reading 7 Kids Movies that were Actually Scarring

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When YA Romance Derails Character Development

I read a blog post recently (@readingeverynight.wordpress.com) complaining about books that sacrifice character development for romance.  Sometimes authors try to force a relationship where there shouldn’t be one, and in doing so, they disrupt the protagonist’s trajectory of growth. This kind of thing never used to bother me.  I’d read any book that had even… Continue reading When YA Romance Derails Character Development