Learning to Rest

I tried yoga for the first time a few months ago. I’m used to the Insantiy/P90X/jogging punish-your-body workout routines, so it was really weird hearing things like, “Listen to your body. Listen to those little aches and pains.” “Take a moment for yourself. Enjoy this stretch.” Whaa? I broke down sobbing—yes, actually sobbing—somewhere between a… Continue reading Learning to Rest


3 Types of Writer’s Block [and how to overcome them]

You’re traveling down the road of your story, and suddenly your engine sputters and you’re stranded on the shoulder. You could get out of the car and let yourself get distracted [with social media, with TV, with just plain sitting around]. Or you could get out and push that car to the nearest gas station to… Continue reading 3 Types of Writer’s Block [and how to overcome them]