Canadian Roadtrip

Canadian (2)

Ever since I got my passport in 2010, it’s been my goal to get to Canada before it expires.  With only three years to spare, I finally made it.

Have you wondered why I haven’t been ranting about online dating anymore?  Turns out, it’s actually possible to meet people on there who aren’t total weirdos (or at any rate, who are the good kind of weird).  My boyfriend’s parents live in Canada, and so last weekend we took a road trip—start your nail biting now—so I could meet them.

Okay, so this is Detroit.  And also not my photo.  I wish I’d thought to take pictures of Ambassador Bridge, which crosses the Detroit River into Ontario, but alas, I did not.

FullSizeRender (11)

I brought Heartless by Marissa Meyers to read in the car, but since I got rebuked whenever I gave less than 100% of my attention to the Hamilton soundtrack we were listening to, I ended up only reading two chapters.  (AND NOW MY ONLINE LIBRARY LOAN EXPIRED BEFORE I FINISHED but that’s another story.)

I also was busy learning some critical meet-the-parents phrases such as “Ni bu yao hen wo.”  (“Please don’t hate me.”)

Luckily, I never had to use that particular bit of knowledge.  His parents were very welcoming, and if they hated me, they at least didn’t say so to my face, lol.  We went to dim sum, which is a type of Chinese restaurant where baskets of bite-sized foods are carted around the tables and you pick the ones you want.  I tried everything from tripe (cow stomach), cow tendon (the texture takes some getting used to, but the flavor is good), and chicken feet, where you eat the bit of skin surrounding the bone then spit the bone out (I had a tiny chicken knuckle and was done with that).

Some kind of shrimp dumpling (I think?)

In addition to trying as many Chinese dishes as possible, of course I had to try some Canadian foods.

I was introduced to poutine, which looks kind of gross but is delicious.  Why don’t we have this in America?  It’s everything Americans love: fries, cheese, gravy, and enough fat to take three years off your life.  (Seriously, they should make this at KFC.  Just alter the KFC bowl a little bit.)


Then we went for the salty, aka ketchup chips and all dressed chips (BBQ + salt and vinegar), and then the sweeeeeeeet.

I love chocolate.  Any kind of chocolate, from Lindt to Hershey’s to the crappy pieces that come in those $1 Christmas advent calendars.  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen UK vloggers talk about Cadbury products, and I had Kinder Surprises in Europe, so I don’t even know if these brands are actually Canadian or not, but I was pretty excited about them.

Like a Wonderball but with a toy inside instead of candy.  Mine got a little ruined somehow…
… This really isn’t even edible.  But oh man, what toy am I gonna get?
This is like peeling an egg only a million times harder.
Moment of truth…



Okay, so the Kinder Surprise trial didn’t turn out (although, like I said, I’ve had them before and they’re great).  The rest of the candy was a total success.

Like a Reese’s Fastbreak with a layer of chewy caramel


A wafer covered in caramel covered in a Crunch bar covered in chocolate


coffee crisp
Like a thick, coffee-flavored KitKat
Like a hazelnut covered in Nutella sitting in a tiny caramel bowl

I should probably note that we did not eat all this at one sitting.  In between all this, we toured around, went fly fishing, hung out with his family.

So much fishing gearrrrrr

Then, on the way back to PA, we stopped at the Toledo Zoo.

Bae, let me help with the kids
This is probably one of those ‘you had to be there’ things, but this lemur’s shock at being rejected makes me ridiculously happy.


How are seahorses even real?


I realize that you’ve probably only read this far because you want to see who I’m dating so here ya go 😀

Now we’re back and I’m desperately hoarding the candy I have left.  Because if it took me seven years to get to Canada in the first place, who knows when I’ll be back?

Luckily, any time I have a hankering for Canadian cuisine, all I have to do is drive on over to my friendly neighborhood Timmy’s.

FullSizeRender (18)

What I’m Listening to: Short Skirt Long Jacket by Cake (the theme song to Chuck, which took me about half an hour to figure out)

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